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CoVid-19 A Reality Check

CoronaVirus(CoVid19)Reality Check

Deadly Virus?- Yes__ End of Times?-Not Quite

Sharon K. Lobb, MA Owner/CEO Primed! LLC 3/23/2020

The news surrounding the 2020 Worldwide Pandemic otherwise known as Corona Virus or CoVid-19 is alarming and it well should be in that this is a deadly viral outbreak on a global scale. 

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Hurricane Preparedness for Business-A checklist

Hurricane Preparedness Checklist
for Businesses


Facility Name:

Prepared By:
Date Prepared:

Title and Contact Info:

Mitigation Activities

  • Review and update employee alert roster
  • Develop a roster of critical employees ensuring that they have emergency response in their job descriptions and brief them as to their role.

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