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Consulting Services

Preparedness Consulting and Training Services

Emergency and disaster preparedness builds resilient businesses and communities.  We are committed to providing expert-led consulting and training.  We can provide services and trainings along the full emergency management continuum that are scalable to meet your needs.

Various Customized Consulting and Training Packages are available with discounts for multiple services and to non-profit organizations. 

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Home Emergency Evacuation Planning

Home Emergency Evacuation Plan

Develop your home emergency evacuation plan.  Draw a diagram of your home-be sure to show alternative living spaces such as the attic,

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Prepare Your Pets For Disaster

Prepare Your Pets Before Disaster

Prepare a “go bag” for your pets. Reach out to your local animal shelter for help answering these questions:

Where are the nearest shelters that accept pets during a disaster?

Which hotels in the surrounding area accept pets?

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Family Emergency Communication Plan Template

Our Emergency Communication Plan

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Mask or No Mask?

Mask or No Mask?  This is a question on a lot of people’s minds.  With CoVid-19 loosening its grip on the United States many are anxious to get back to their lives and businesses.  What does the “new normal” look like and should it involve the wearing of masks outside our homes for the foreseeable future?

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Welcome to Primed! LLC
So, you find yourself on a blog that sparked your interest and we welcome you to Primed!, LLC.  We are foremost an emergency and disaster consulting company and as such, we have a vision of helping communities and businesses to become resilient in the face of an emergency or disaster.

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Family Emergency Communications Plan-What is it?

Family Emergency Communications Plan

We need Family Emergency Communications with your friends and family to find out if they are okay and to let them know that you are safe?   If you think you will simply call them on your/their cell phone,

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Family Preparedness-Why We Should Plan For It Now?

Family Preparedness-Why We Should Plan for it Now?

Sharon K. Lobb, M.A. President/CEO Primed!, LLC  4/10/2020

We are in an international pandemic and socially isolated, so that means we are already in a disaster but I want you to focus on Family Preparedness–Now!

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