Pandemic Checklist To Get Them Ready For School

High School Student during Pandemic -Ready For 2020/21 School Year

Here is a simple pandemic checklist to get them ready for school that may trigger you to consider other items specific to your school bound family member(s).  The time it takes to ship supplies is extended due to CoVid-19, so a bit of pre-planning may serve you well.

  • Get them used to long periods of time in their mask. Start now– a school day is not the time to find out you need something.  Build tolerance and endurance gradually.
  • Does the mask fit? Masks do come in children’s sizes and smaller adult sizes-the mask should cover the entire nostril area and the mouth even when they talk and fit the contour of their face without gaps.
  • Is it very uncomfortable on their ears-try other types of masks or extenders?
  • Is it too hard to breathe through-some filtration types are hard for longer times in a mask.  Mask should have at least two ply thickness.
  • Can they get it on and off by themselves and properly—(pull off by the straps and do not put hands on the outside of the mask)?
  • Do masks fit with their glass, hearing aids and orthodontic devices? Buffs or overhead style ones might be better. Wear higher on the nose bride with glasses frame on top of the mask.
  • Have you got enough masks and will they work?
    • You may want to buy spares to put in their backpack or lunch bag as temporary ones will be uncomfortable and ill-fitting. Put in plastic bags to prevent soiling or moisture
    • They should have at least two masks every day (get dirty, straps break).
    • Best current research indicates machine washing is best and should be done after each use. Since many do best with air drying (think sunshine if possible), you may want enough so you do not need to be constantly washing.
    • Do not share masks-each person should have their own/spares-maybe color code or label them so as not to mix them after doing laundry.
  • Do you have a plan to decontaminate them and their belongings before they enter their home or dorm after being at school?
    • Anything that could have come in contact with surfaces should be cleaned before being set down in your home/dorm.

      A teacher wearing a  masks teaches mathematics at a High School

    • Think soles of shoes, backpacks, binders, lunch bags, purses, etc…
    • Do you have enough supplies to do this
    • Practice it now—good for lowering your risks now
    • Book covers may be a good idea again—washable ones may be best
  • Clean and disinfect glasses regularly and make sure they fit properly so as to not need to be adjusted frequently.
  • Cell phones, keyboards, touch screens and keys are frequent touch items that should be addressed.
  • Personal hand wipes (alcohol based) and hand sanitizer (especially in lunch bags).
  • Water bottle-water fountains will be closed everywhere-label with name as many look similar.
  • Follow your local school’s guidelines and make sure each family member (whether in school or not) knows about them in case of an emergency visit or caregiver situation arises.
  • Lower back to school anxiety by developing a plan to address each fear-no plan is full-proof but there is comfort in restoring some aspect of control over the situation.

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