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Prepare Your Pets For Disaster

Prepare Your Pets Before Disaster

Prepare a “go bag” for your pets. Reach out to your local animal shelter for help answering these questions:

Where are the nearest shelters that accept pets during a disaster?

Which hotels in the surrounding area accept pets?

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Family Emergency Communications Plan-What is it?

Family Emergency Communications Plan

We need Family Emergency Communications with your friends and family to find out if they are okay and to let them know that you are safe?   If you think you will simply call them on your/their cell phone,

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Hurricane Preparedness for Business-A checklist

Hurricane Preparedness Checklist
for Businesses


Facility Name:

Prepared By:
Date Prepared:

Title and Contact Info:

Mitigation Activities

  • Review and update employee alert roster
  • Develop a roster of critical employees ensuring that they have emergency response in their job descriptions and brief them as to their role.

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